In addition to our usual offerings of paper products, and lifestyle merchandise. We also offer customised options for our corporate clients! We're passionate about helping brands tell their unique stories and express their ideas through our relatable illustrations and designs. We're all about bringing some inspiration, encouragement, and comfort to everything we create. So let's work together to make your brand shine!
Note: A Kinder Space operates as a subsidiary under Drawmakesnap.
Drop us an email at drawmakesnap@gmail to start a conversation. :)

MCCY x Drawmakesnap

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day, we were commissioned by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth to share on our mental wellness journey. This set of illustrations were shared on both MCCY's and Drawmakesnap's social media platforms.



AWS x Drawmakesnap

Amazon Web Services commissioned us to create a set of positive-themed graphic elements and illustrations, intended for use on marketing and promoting their cloud computing course.


Clarins x Drawmakesnap

In celebration of International Women's Day, we were commissioned by Clarins Singapore to design empowering quotes and visuals that were printed onto sticker sheets and store pedestals as part of their promotional campaign. 
As part of their 11.11 campaign to promote inner beauty and mental wellness, Clarins utilised a set of quotes and illustrations that we developed. These creative elements were featured on their official websites, social media platforms, whatsapp stickers and even physical holographic stickers.

MCCY x Drawmakesnap

Do your remember how it felt when COVID-19 first hit our shores? The virus upended many of our lives, throwing us into a miasma of uncertainty, despair, thwarted plans and unfulfilled promises. The visuals below were illustrated as a collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, MCCY, as part of an #SGTogether initiative, shared on both MCCY's and Drawmakesnap' social media accounts.

TTSH x Drawmakesnap

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) included our designs and messages in their World Mental Health Day campaign by printing them on their tote bags. The participants received these bags along with other items in the goodie bag, which also included our sticker decals.

ECDA x Drawmakesnap

Commissioned by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), we designed a back-to-school planner that was distributed to all early-childhood educators in Singapore. Apart from visuals, we also had the liberty to create content related to mental wellness.

 CCF x Drawmakesnap

A game board designed for Children's Cancer Foundation's SibsConnect Day.